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World Travel Services offers travel arrangements to customers all over the world. Most of our products are based on so called negotiated fares and rates which are supplied by different travel producers located in Sweden. Therefore, the majority of our fares and rates are valid for departure from Sweden or Denmark. We are however participating in several networks of travel agents with the aim to offer the best fares and rates regardless from where you are travelling or to where you are heading. By making use of effective techniques and tools we can keep our costs at a minimum and still be able to offer every customer first class service. We will never be satisfied unless you are satisfied.

Fares and rates which are presented on our web pages should be looked upon as examples. Fares and rates change frequently, sometimes several times a day. Also the rules and conditions for different are regularly changed. It is therefore, from practical reasons, difficult to keep fare or rate lists absolutely up to date. We can, thus, not guarantee that fares listed on our pages are actually valid all the time even if we do our utmost to avoid invalid fares and rates from being presented.

There is no coupling between fares and rates which are listed on our web pages and any reservation system. We can therefore not guarantee that there will be tickets or other arrangements available to the fares or rates in our lists. When you submit a fare request we will check availability before replying. If you have indicated in your request that you would like us to make a preliminary reservation we will also provide you with a booking reference number and an itinerary.

Fares, rates and ticketing
We will confirm the applicable fare and amount of taxes and other fees that might apply when we reply to your fare quote request. However, the final fare and amount of taxes and fees are calculated when travel documents are issued. Fares and rates are, thus, not guaranteed until travel documents have been issued.

In most cases travel documents do not need to be issued until shortly before departure (exceptions are e.g. tickets to special campaign fares which typically must be issued within 24 to 72 hours after reservation is made, and tickets which otherwise require advance purchase). Airline companies may also request tickets to be issued in order to reduce the number of "unserious" or "speculative" reservations. This procedure is frequently used for departures with high booking pressures.

If we are holding preliminary negotiated fare reservations we will inform you about changes of fares that might occur. There will usually be some limited time period before the introduction of new fares during which already existing reservations can be ticketed to the old fare. You can then decide whether you would like to have tickets issued to the old fare, to the new fare or, alternatively, cancel your preliminary reservations. As published fares change constantly we regret to inform that we can not keep you updated of fare changes for such reservations. We can, thus, neither guarantee fares or condition unless published fares tickets are issued.

Fares, taxes, and fees are converted into Swedish Kronor (SEK) using daily currency exchange rates. The total amount we quote in our reply to you might therefore differ slightly from the total amount being charged when tickets and travel documents are issued.

Booking fees
We do not usually charge booking fees. The following exceptions do however apply:

- Train reservations.
- Non-prepaid hotel and rental car reservations (i.e. when we do not issue vouchers).
- Published fare air tickets.
- Arrangements with a total cost less than 1 000 Swedish kronor (SEK).

Booking fees that apply will be presented separately from other costs in our quotes to enable comparisons between quotes obtained from different travel agencies.

The following booking fees apply, excl. of VAT (20MAY07):

- Domestic (Sweden) train reservations: 50 SEK per ticket
International train reservations: 50-150 SEK per ticket
- Non-prepaid reservations: 200 SEK.
- Published fare air tickets: 150-800 SEK per ticket.
- Arrangements less than 1 000 Swedish kronor (SEK): 150 SEK.

We accept payment by:

- Credit card (we accept all major credit cards)
- Bank cheque (drawn on a Swedish bank in Swedish kronor)
- Direct payment to our bank account or SWIFT payment
- Postförskott (only inside Sweden).

If you would like to pay by credit card, a Credit Card Authorization Form must be completed and either sent or faxed to us together with a copy of the front side and back side of your credit card and a copy of a valid identification document. Our mailing address, telephone and fax numbers are:

World Travel Services
Slottsgatan 18, 5 tr
SE-211 33 MALMO
Phone: +46-(0)40-13 86 30
Fax: +46-(0)40-602 36 65
Email: info@worldtravelservices.net

Deliverance of travel documents
Travel documents are delivered free of charge at the customer's own risk by ordinary mail (priority mail). We would like to point out that if the customer chooses deliverance by ordinary mail, no costs for replacing of lost travel documents will be covered by World Travel Services. If tickets are to be sent by registered mail (strongly recommended outside of Sweden), the actual postage fee will be charged by World Travel Services. Reservations for departures close in time will be considered only if the customer accepts to be charged for deliverance either by express mail, by courier mail, or by courier directly to the airport.

Time limits for priority mail deliverance is:

- Within Sweden: 3 working days
- Within Europe: 2 to 3 weeks
- Other areas: determined from case to case.

We do not send travel documents until we have received checks or bank transferals, alternatively obtained an authorization from your credit card company that the actual transaction has been approved. If tickets sent by postförskott are not picked up at the local post, the customer will be charged both the postage fee and cancellation fees as well as any handling fees that might apply.