About airfares

There are mainly three different types of airfares:

Published fares are offered by literally every travel agency all around the world and also directly by airline companies. The fares are officially listed in and can be obtained from reservation systems. That is why they are called published.

Negotiated fares are special airfares which are based on some agreement between the travel agency and the airline company. These fares are not published. Travel agencies usually hold different agreements, why fares and conditions can vary if you choose to shop around. It's not uncommon that larger travel agency chains with representation all over the country have their own wholesaler.

World Travel Services is an independent travel agency and we hold agreements with most major wholesalers in Sweden. Therefore, we can choose the best solution for each customer.

Hot fares are special discount airfares offered during a limited time period. Hot fares are commonly used by airline companies to fill up free capacity during low traffic periods. Compared to ordinary fares, the Hot fares are substantially lower.

To each type of fare there are a number of different rules attached (e.g. concerning advance purchase, possibilities to change and rebook, refund possibilities). In order to find the best alternative both the individual fares and the applicable rules must be carefully examined.

As a thumb rule, the cheaper the ticket is, the less flexible it is. When we receive a fare request from you we always check all possible fares and rules in order to find the absolute optimal alternative for your journey. Where applicable we also inform you about options. For example, sometimes by only adding a small amount to the cheapest fare will enable changing of your return reservation.